Third and Inches Podcast, Ep. #003: Stadium Lovin'

This week, the boys tackle the tough questions like who is the best lover in the NFL? 

Will Jake Paul knock out Anderson Silva? 

And how many helmets can Aaron Donald rip off during a practice?

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Timestamps for this episode:

00:00 - Start 

01:04 - NFL Cut Week 

01:44 - Former NFL  player gets cut and breaks up lunchroom brawl 

06:49 - Prank cutting an NFL quarterback from the Arizona Cardinals 

09:20 - Couple caught allegedly having sex at Toronto Blue Jays game 

11:20 - Active NFL players that are most likely to be a sleeper agent 

14:02 - The best lover in the NFL currently 

15:25 - The most well-endowed active NFL player 

18:48 - Baker Mayfield trash talks CLEVELAND BROWNS ahead of season opener 

21:12 - The most underwhelming NFL #1 draft picks 

30:34 - Will Jake Paul knock out Anderson Silva? 

36:50 - Aaron Donald rips helmets off in a fight during practice 

53:15 - Jamie Foxx and his unreleased directorial debut All-Star Weekend 

55:43 - Austin FC defeats number one seeded LA Galaxy  

56:02 - Liverpool scores 9 goals in victory over Bournmouth 

56:40 - Welcome to Wrexham review 

58:50 - Review of the Hulu original Mike 

59:27 - Rocky Mountain Vibes  and the goal of team ownership

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