Top 10 Up and Coming Austin Comic Podcasts of 2022

In addition to Big Laugh’s own podcast network launching, several Austin-based podcasts have really revved up this year in the comedy scene. Whether it be premiering episode #1, adding a video component, or really gaining traction, here are 10 up and coming podcasts by Austin comics in no particular order. 

Maybe there’s more than 10. 

We’ll see. 

3rd and Inches 

This comedy sports podcast is hosted by Brandon Legendre, Collin O’Meara, and Daylen Mendonca. In addition to sports debriefing, topics include movies, unfortunate dating situations, and Closet Talk with Collin… You’ll have to watch to find out more. 

Fun fact: Brandon Legendre also hosts the Your Last Resort Podcast. Watch it here:

High Noon

Hosted by Mason Smith with guests belonging to the Austin comedy scene. It’s all about the laughs, the burps, the farts, the stories, and the jokes! 

The Filthy Show Podcast 

Hosted by Chris Rees, Adam Luckey, and Nick Roche this is the spinoff of The Filthy Show LIVE on Saturdays at The Creek and the Cave. Guests include Jon Carden, Jamie Kilstein, and Lukas McCrary. 

The Grimby Half Hour Power Hour 

Hosted by Casey Rocket and Cat Swantner, this podcast is the age old story of the life and times of Grimace. What more do you need to know? Guests have included Liz Splatt, Nat Rogachevsky, Reier Cammerman, Dylan Sullivan, and Tony Casillas. 

Want the full Grimby lore? The Original Grimby Half Hour Power Hour, all 50+ episodes, are available on Patreon. 

Casey Rocket's Patreon

The Thoughtless Experiment

A thoughtless dissection of the news with Sean Reilly and Tony Casillas. Guests have included Ehsan Ahmad, John Hoeft, Uncle Lazer, and Brian Simpson. 

Raza Jafri Super Deluxe

This podcast is a casual conversation with interesting people. Charming and introspective, the show pokes fun and prods thought. Guests include Lukas McCrary, Spencer Cavins, Mimi Meier, Andre Ricks, and Isabella Carrozza. 

The Jimmy Clifford Show 

Hosted by Jimmy Clifford, Greg DiPaul, and JJ

Classic internet stuff: Reacts, Current Events, Mostly Uninformed Social Commentary.  

Wild weirdos doing comedy in Austin, Texas and talking about their crazy lives.  

Get to know Austin's ever expanding cast of degenerates! Guests include Michael Blaustein, Gina Hyena, Heather Shaw, Mike Eaton, and SWIGGY!

Unsettling In with Michael Malamud

After his solely silent appearance on Kill Tony, Michael Malamud gained instant Austin comedy scene fame. Shortly after, he began his podcast “Unsettling In” featuring guests from the Austin comedy scene. He talks to comedians about comedy life and all things in between. Guests include Ben Howard, Arielle Isaac Norman, and Geniveve Clinton. 

Unsettling In with Michael Malamud

Barely Serious with Galyn Nash

An UNCENSORED, RAW, COMEDY forum to tell stories, mess around, and be, “barely serious”. Hosted by Galyn Nash. Weekly new episodes, new guests, (Trevor Wallace, Mark Normand, porn stars, UFC champions, pro-athletes, ex-girlfriends etc, etc).

Barely Serious with Galyn Nash

There you have it. 10+ dope podcasts that are getting their start in the current mecca of stand-up comedy, Austin, Texas. Make sure to check them out, like the videos, subscribe to the channels, do the things, and support the artists who make you smile.
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