What is Big Laugh Comedy?

Well, we’re a lot of things. We book some of the coolest comedy shows around Texas. We create stuff, too. We built this new site with one goal in mind: we wanted to create a central nervous system for all things funny. 

So, we did. 

The new Big Laugh Comedy site isn’t just a place to get tickets for dope shows, but somewhere to get information on your favorite comedians. We wanted to create a place where you won’t have to hit Google, Instagram, or Facebook to find out if Matt Rife is coming to your town or if Dicey will be filming in New York.

And then there’s content. 

Every day, we’ll share something new. Maybe, if there’s a lot of crazy comedy news, we’ll share that, too. 

From comedy writing to local dispatches on the scenes throughout America, if it’s about comedy, we’ll have it. We’ve got funny essays coming, funny memes, videos, and original programming ideas. We plan on doing it all. If you made something hilarious, tag us in it. We want to see it. 

You’ll see familiar faces, and you’ll learn about a lot of new ones, too. We’ll have serious pieces about what comedy means and all that intelligent guy shit, but also silly articles on what different kinds of robot fighting styles will be the most effective for the upcoming war of man vs. machine. 

A lot is happening. We’re excited to share all of it with you. This is only the beginning. Tag us in everything. Tell your friends. Let’s make something extraordinary together. Let’s laugh our asses off. 

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