What's Poppin', Austin? Ep. 1: Pilot

We are stoked about this new project we've got for y'all.

It's the new place to go to find out what's happening in Austin - and not just comedy. 

This show is going to be your "what to do in Austin" podcast option, so you don't need to Google anymore and you can stay in the loop about events in the area while you're on-the-go.

It's called What's Poppin', Austin? and you can listen to or watch it now! 

This week, meet your cohosts, Brandon Lewin and Allison Wojtowecz as they throw down a little bit about themselves as well as some of their favorite things to do around town. 

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Listen to the Pilot episode of What's Poppin', Austin? right here:

Or watch the Pilot episode of What's Poppin', Austin? right here:

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