Two and half years ago, I went to see the angry bald bastard, Bill Burr, at the ACL in Austin.

When the show started, this older dude walked on stage. He looked like a retired lead singer of a thrasher group. Cool glasses. Shaved head, except for the strip of hair on top that he slicked back. Sleeved out tattoos.

I thought he was part of the crew who was about to tell us Bill doesn’t want to do the show and to go fuck ourselves. 

Instead...he grabbed the mic and for 10-15 minutes, I was laughing so hard I started crying.

He talked about sex, cocaine, and donkey shows. Just kidding about the last one. 

I was dying. My wife was snorting like she was trying out for a lead role in the animated movie, The Three Little Pigs: Redemption.

My wife, Jaz and our friend, Leslie, loved him so much that they spotted him walking around by the bars at ACL. They grabbed him like a bunch of groupies and took a photo.

As soon as he walked off stage, I was a fan. I have been following Dean Delray ever since

Dean and I talked a few times on IG. He has a fantastic story. 

The dude went from rock to comedy like he was LeBron James dunking the ball. No big deal.

You can listen to his story in his interview on the Joe Rogan Experience.

The cliff notes is he came from working in the music industry playing in a successful band that toured across the world.

Dean rocked for 25 years. Then he switched it up on everyone and went from melting faces to making people laugh their faces off. Growing up Dean he didn’t know stand up could be a profession.

Who does? 

No parent tells their kids, “When you grow up...you can be a comedian! You can travel around the world, making people laugh, staying up late, and you can make really good money once you hit the big leagues.”

If my parents told me that, I would’ve been hitting the open mics with my He-Man pajamas on. 

That sounds amazing!

That’s not what Dean’s parents told him. But he did figure out that he could tell jokes and tell them well later in life.

It’s never too late.

Now, in his 10th year of doing stand up, Dean has already toured with Bill Burr for years. He is a regular touring with Marc Maron and Joey Diaz. 

He has a kick ass podcast, Let There Be Talk, on the All Thing Comedy network. 

Dean is a regular at the legendary Comedy Store in LA. 

The dude has done so much in the last 10 years of comedy, that most comedians would sell their souls to Satan for what Dean has accomplished so far. 

He has done it all solo, too. No agent. No management. Just him.

I respect the shit out of it.

That is why I wanted to work with him. He wasn’t doing the same comedy club circuit some comedians get sucked into.

So, 4 months ago when I had an idea to do a big comedy show in Austin, TX, he was one of the first comedians I thought about. I reached out to Dean and he responded right away that he was down. 

Now, we turned that vision into a reality. Rock on!

Dean will be coming to Austin for one night and one night only. Dude is going to bring his rockstar comic ways to the stage. And you sure as hell don’t want to miss it.

You will laugh your faces off! 


If you haven’t seen him do comedy, here is a small taste.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

If you are in the Austin area, you really don’t want to miss this show. You can get your tickets by clicking your life away below.

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