Jason Cheny: Live In Austin [Early Friday]

Friday March 24th, 2023 - 7:00PM

Location : Big Laugh Comedy Austin, TX

There's funny. Then there is really funny. And this guy is one funny mother. Jason Cheny is one of the funniest soon to be superstars in comedy. He is all over the internet. You have seen on TV and heard on the podcast streams.

Jason is coming for one epic weekend at the legendary Vulcan Gas Company in Austin TX. You don't want to miss these shows.

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Doors at 6PM | Show starts at 7PM

More about Jason

Born and raised in Taiwan, re-raised in America. With a cross-cultural perspective, and a goofy personality. 
Jason points out social absurdities within his family, upbringing, and the society he constantly tries to find his belonging in. Expressing his frustration and confusion on stage every night, in a way that feels the most truthful to him in that moment.

He’s appeared on 'Laughs' on Fox and Hulu, Kevin Hart's LOL Network on SiriusXM. 'Laff Tracks’ on TruTV, and recently his videos on TikTok and IG received over 40 million views! Come see Jason say what’s in his heart!!

Social media:
Everything @jasoncheny

Ticket Info

- Tickets are sold individually 

- Please be advised that this seating can involve shared tables with other guests

- You can pick your tickets and the table you will be seated at

- Next to each ticket is a layout of the venue and where your tickets will be located

- This event is 21 and up, valid ID required

- There are NO REFUNDS 

- No heckling or videos during the show, if you can't play nicely you will be asked to leave 

- No backpacks or other large bags 

- No animals allowed in venue

- There is absolutely NO VIDEO RECORDING whatsoever  

- As you enter the venue, you are required to lock your phones and smart watches in Yondr bags until the end of the show 

- If you don't show up 20 MINUTES after the show time, you will forfeit your tickets

- Make sure to have fun and be respectful during the show

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