Austin Comics to Watch Vol. II: The Remix

The last time we did this, people were stoked. One of the biggest things Big Laugh believes in is fuck gatekeeping

When you put in the work, get that stage time, get those jokes airtight, opportunities are waiting for you both in Austin and on the road. 

We wanted to make this a regular event and shout out the comedians getting out there and killing it.

It's essential to support the folks who give it their all whether or not they get their minute on Kill Tony or they're working on that joke right in front of seven people on a Monday night at some terrible bar that doesn't even have a drink special. 

Here's to these absolute goddamn pirates. 

Go see them live, listen to their podcasts, follow them on Instagram, and most importantly, tell everyone about their comedy. That's how we build this thing. 

And in no particular order...

Here is October's Austin Comics to Watch:  

  • Dean Allen Stanfield is the epitome of Texas. It could be the state of Texas shaved into the side of his mullet, or his southern hospitality, OR the Whataburger attire. Whatever gives it away, it doesn’t overshadow how hilarious Dean is. There should be no surprise that he’s the life of the party. Literally. Once the king of trailers, he graduated to a home so he wasn’t a comic AND lived in a trailer. Swingers love him and so will you. 

  • Britney Ledesma dark, bitter, with a little bit of venom. That’s the best way to explain Britney’s comedy. There isn’t a stage this young lady hasn’t met that she hasn’t slayed. The queen of one liners. Britney’s sense of humor will surprise most people. That’s why you never judge a book by it’s cover. 

  • Charles Adams Jr. is a native Austinite. A son of a cop. Charles brings laughter to people by using his energy and charisma. He’s a local legend known for wrestling armadillos. Often mistaken as the black Santa Claus, Charles spreads cheer to all that watch his comedy.

  • Eshan Ahmad, a past Comedy Store door guy and regular, made his way to Austin like many other comedians, but few have the moves that Ehsan possesses. His wit, sharp joke writing, and impeccable delivery make him lethal. Don’t say lethal or bomb while he’s on stage. You might scare the white folks.

  • Tony Casillas has exploded onto the comedy world over the last couple of years. A native of the Dallas area, Tony brings his fun loving spirit to the stage. He’s one of the coolest guys you’ll meet. The jokes will keep you laughing all night. And afterward you’ll want to smoke him out and buy him a Lone Star before cuddling up with this gentle teddy bear.

  • Genivive Clinton is a straight killer coming out of Detroit by way of Dallas. G brings high energy and hilarious takes on the complexity of the world in a way most of us never look at it. A rising star who is destined for greatness, Genivive has a rich history for being under 30. The wild experiences come through in her jokes. You heard it here first.
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