Matt Rife: 100 Tickets to Breaking Ticketmaster

Matt Rife has completely broken the internet. 

Although he is easy on the eyes, his journey to get here was not.

A lot of people see Matt and assume he’s famous because of good looks or he got lucky on social media but the real reason is not so obvious.

Last June he couldn’t sell tickets and streaming platforms were ignoring him.

Well he’s getting the last laugh now, with millions of followers across social media and a sold out world tour he promoted with Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis. 

All this internet fame started when he was kicked off Instagram and forced to go all-in on TikTok where one clip changed his life and his frenzied fanbase forever.

At first Matt didn’t want to post his clip because he didn’t think it was funny but fortunately his comedy buddy Paul Elia was there to tell him otherwise and now Matt’s “Lazy Hero” clip created comedy’s biggest new star.

This clip now has over 34M views with others over 50M.

His Problemattic World Tour crashed Ticketmaster at one venue selling 40K tickets in just 24 hours. 

Remember less than a year ago he could sell 100 tickets.

The wildest part of Matt’s story is he did it all without any industry help.

Matt’s fans have helped him build everything, all the way back to his first comedy special, Only Fans. This special crowdfunded over $30K shattering his goal of $10K. 

Only Fans now has over 8M views and his newest special produced by Big Laugh Comedy already has with over 12M views in just 3 months. 

He also just released a new crowd work special already topping 4M views. 

Needless to say Matt Rife has taken over comedy and put a nail in the coffin of the traditional comedy industry. Comedians willing to put in the work can skip the gatekeepers and build their own fanbase online. 

Check out the full story of Matt Rife and his WILD fanbase on the Hot Breath! Comedy Network:
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