[Review] Matt Rife: Only Fans Special

Matt Rife is not a conventional story. Once dubbed the “Justin Beiber” of comedy for his work with Disney, Rife was canceled for tweets that angerered the gay community. 

I first heard of Matt when he was the youngest cast member on VH1’s Wild N’ Out. His new special Only Fans is just as much of a ride as his comedic journey has been thus far. 

Naming the special Only Fans is the first glimpse into Rife’s comedy.


Since 2016 “Only Fans” has been the controversial gold standard for subscription based sex content. 

The creators of the platform tried to desexualize it last year to no avail, it had become too successful. Rife saw an opportunity to challenge the premise, but also base it on his good looks, which ultimately turns the joke back on himself. 

Rife doubles down on his own controversies in this special, the societal sensitivity that has rained on comedy’s parade in recent years is of interest to him. He then tiptoes into white guilt jokes and says he is trying to “white his wrongs”. 

This kind of bold back peddling is quintessential. On Wild N’ Out  his jokes were similar.

He’d joke about gentrification on one show then apologize about it on another. He’s a habitual line crosser depending on where the line is drawn. His duality makes for great comedy. 

Further into the special Rife  dives into a “drive your tractor to school” bit that jokes about his Ohio hometown. 

His “eight acres means eight inches” bit is another hilarious commentary on wooing women with land in Ohio. 

Another interesting thing about Rife is his trajectory. He is successful, but in comedy that has a different metric than in acting. He utilized popular site “Go Fund Me'' to self-produce this special, but since it was released to positive reception that's likely the last time he’ll have to do that.


His goal was $15,000 and his fans raised seventeen. He‘s creating the mold for DIY comedians that get overlooked by the mainstream comedy machine. 

Only Fans is more than just a catchy title for his special, Matt’s fans are truly the lifeblood of his career. 

Watch the entire special, Only Fans, here.

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